Gisela Creus 

(Co-Founder of HDC)

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Here you can read about my journey; a life path in constant relation between mind, dance, movement, thought, curiosity, ideas, research, creation and education.

Danielle Davidson 

(Co-Founder of HDC)

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Current research and practice revolve around ideas of embodied consciousness; including the process of meditative moving, altered or deeply embodied states of consciousness during movement, and the notion of optimal movement efficiency during such states of consciousness. She is passionate about exploring modalities that may optimize or enhance the conditions thought to bring about Flow state.  

Orlando Hernández

(Co-Founder of HDC)

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Orlando Hernández is an interdisciplinary performer working primarily in tap dance. He incorporates elements of theater, percussion, research, and improvisation to create unique experiences of collective rhythm and reflection. His work has been described as "cathartic, hypnotic, and of its place and time."*

'*Panel comments for the 2019 Fellowship in Choreography awarded by the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts.

Jessica Leigh Howard (iTMRW)

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As a dance artist, Jessica Leigh Howard, is interested in investigating how meditation and mindfulness can be explored in and of service to the embodiment of the creative process and performing aspects of dance and theatre. As a performer, her goal is to encourage a shared meditative / absorptive experience between the audience and performers. Whereas both performer and audience can break through the structure of the mind and simply be with the experience, for all it is, as it is, in and of itself.

Ellen Oliver (iTMRW)

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Ellen Oliver is a dance artist based in Providence, Rhode Island.  Ellen works to combine her interests in movement, film, and painting through her choreography, performance, and teaching. Her work values cross-disciplinary collaboration and friendship. One of her current projects, is a study on rock climbing and dance through interdisciplinary performance and film.  Another recent project, is a restaged collaboration with dancer Dayita Nereyeth for performances across New England and India. 

Jacob Regan (iTMRW)

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Jacob began his study of movement with capoeira at a young age. When he was 16, he discovered dance and was forever changed. He went on to graduate from East Carolina University with a BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography. Jacob found his movement home base in release technique and post modern contemporary work, citing major influences on his movement to be delving into the worlds of contact improvisation, Forsythe methods, Gaga, and working with choreographers such as Doug Varone. Recently Jacob has relocated to Boston, and now can be found working with Contact Improv Boston, Urbanity Dance, Prometheus Dance, and LCTC.

Stephanie Turner (iTMRW)

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Steph is a dance choreographer, performer and educator based in Providence, RI. Her work evolves from a deep curiosity for learning through the body, building community and using performance as a process of re-enchanting everyday life. 

Adrienne Taylor (Cellist for ARCH)

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Adrienne Taylor’s unique musical voice is inspired by explorative collaborations in chamber music and across genres and performance mediums. Her work with composers and singer/songwriters as well as her work in film, theater and dance has inspired her to continuously expand her perspective on sound and its relationship to space and time.

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